Thursday, 26 April 2007

Community Survey Results
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A big “thank-you” to all those who completed the community survey (87%), and to the hardy distributors/collectors who made sure the forms were available and returned.
The survey was designed to see if the community would suffer in the absence of the existing hall and whether a new hall would be used well enough to pay its way. We are now able to reveal some of the most significant findings.
Four main conclusions are clear.
1. If the existing hall has to be demolished and is not replaced there would be a serious loss to the community.
The hall is well used and appreciated for the facilities it offers with more than 50% of people recognising this in each category. The most popular types of event have been attended by more than 70% of those responding, and most activities can attract 30% or more.
2. There is a serious shortage of those facilities in our area which our community has a right to expect should be present.
The community as a whole feels that there are deficiencies in provision for all ages, ranging from 65% for pre-school children to more than 80% for school-age children with similar figures for adults of all ages. It is generally agreed that there is a lack of provision in all categories of activity (between 75% and 85%). In short the area is not well-served and would be very poorly served if our Community Hall did not exist.
3. A new hall should be able to pay for its own upkeep because it would be well used.
It appears fairly clear that most people would be encouraged to attend a wider range of activities and in greater numbers if a new hall were available. In short, a new hall is seen as a way of rectifying the deficit in facilities. The highest increase in usage would come from sales events and private functions (nearly 67%).
4. The facilities proposed for the new hall would fulfill the needs of the Community. Almost 100% of respondents felt the new hall specification is correct.
In short, the survey seems to indicate that the members of our community recognise the need for more support for community, group and private activities across the board and see the planned hall as being capable of going a long way towards fulfilling that need. This outcome should strengthen our case when it comes to approaching those capable of helping us obtain funds to build our new hall.
There is room here only for a brief summary of our findings. Full results of the survey can be obtained downloading a PDF file of results - see top right of this page.

Distribution/Collection : Miriam Cosgrove, Mary Marshall, Linda Breckenridge, Diane Ryan, Jane Brewster
Copying forms : Angus Community Learning & Development (B. N., Ashley Kennedy)
Results analysis : Fiona Brown, Michael Ryan